Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mostly working... (209.0)

Some of the things that make up my LiveJournal feed seem pretty flaky or spotty, but it generally works. I get the feeling that the RSS feed checker only succeeds in pulling any given feed every several days. The result is that whenever I'm catching up on my friends list, there'll be a flurry of updates from this blog or that news site, and then nothing for days.

The Instagram feed that pulls in each day's updates and adds them to my journal also seems to have died some weeks back. Trying to log back in results in an error from the Instagram site, so maybe they no longer support whatever authentication method LiveJournal used to build their importer. I don't know if most of you even wanted to see my Instagram posts, but anyone who does is welcome to hop over to @mhaithaca and follow me there.

Carter seems restless. Maybe he's trying to convince me it's time to go to bed. He's probably right.

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