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Not walking as much as I thought (208.3)

First, some blunt honesty: in between the post a few days ago with the 208.2 weight and tonight's at 208.3, I jumped up to 211.4! Didn't want that to go un-acknowledged here. Not only above 210, which I was hoping not to do again, but above 211. Tsk.

Anyway, tonight's post is about walking! My Apple Watch challenges me to do something activity-related each month, and the July challenge was to get 1,190 exercise minutes for the month, in other words averaging a little over 38 minutes a day instead of the 30-minute daily goal. I made it the morning of the 31st, before even heading out for the long dog hike at the state park, so not by a huge margin, but at least not scrambling to get there by the end of the day.

The new challenge for August is to match the number of miles I walked in July, 97.2 miles. That's about 3.1 miles a day, and considering how much longer than usual the dog walks have been the last few weeks, it made me curious how much more that is than my usual month stats.

It turns out the months of April, May, and June have been among my lowest for average daily miles! All under 3 miles/day. Before this spring, I've only had a handful of months averaging under 3 miles a day since Apple Health started tracking it. Even as I've done longer walks with the dogs since being home with them all the time, it never occurred to me that was counterbalanced by two things: 1) that's almost all the walking I'm doing, since I'm not walking around campus and hardly at all around town, and 2) I hadn't really considered that the much longer walks Penny and Carter are getting are also partly because I'm no longer doing two walks multiple times a day, since Auggie left us in mid April.

So, while the weather is good I can and should keep doing longer dog walks, but if I really want to hit this goal, I need to up the routine walking, and increase the dog walk lengths even more. I'll probably need to be on campus at least once in a while the next several weeks, but that won't involve nearly as much walking as a normal August.

This also makes it clear that the weight loss has been a lot more about paying attention to what I'm eating than it has been about the walking. That feels pretty good, and it means if I can also do some additional exercise, the weight loss might get even easier.

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