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Did the sunshine tire me out? (204.1)

A friend's post on Facebook yesterday that he needed some seafood this weekend led me to suggest a jaunt out to find the Shuck Yeah food truck, which started out a few years ago with a plan to offer raw oysters but gave up on that pretty quickly. They mostly have great lobster rolls and whole-belly fried clams, as well as excellent burgers.

They've always come through Ithaca here and there in the past, usually once if not twice a week through the season, but this summer they're spending most of their time at a winery a lake over that I'm pretty sure I'd never been to before. At least, if I had, Swarm didn't know about it. Hector Wine Company isn't bad, but probably won't become a favorite.

I'd been planning on fried clams, but saw they had a linguica roll on the chalkboard today. (Linguica is a Portuguese style of sausage that's a lot like chorizo but with less red pepper.) Between that rare opportunity and the $22 (I think) price of the fried clams and fries option, I decided to go with the linguica roll! Delicious. And Randy let me have a couple of his fried cliams. I love them, but it's pricey.

Glad I put on some sunscreen on the way out the door. We were sitting in the sun after the clouds cleared. We picked nice weathered Adirondack chairs under a shady tree at our next destination, Finger Lakes Distilling, where I got to try a couple of things I hadn't before, and it was clouding up a bit for the visit to Seneca Lake Brewing, where I joined Dana and Randy, as well as Rich and Kathy, who were already there, for just one before heading back to town.

Also hit GreenStar for some milk to make more yogurt, and a couple of other random things, took some outdoor pictures of the food distribution tents at Cornell, and ended up back home feeling pretty wiped out. I didn't have enough alcohol fast enough to ever feel drunk, though I do think my tolerance is down this year because of the lack of going out. Maybe the cumulative effect of multiple drinks over multiple hours and the sunshine did me in. Didn't feel like bothering cooking one of the EveryPlate meal kit dishes that arrived yesterday, so I'll probably do that tomorrow. Ate some blueberries about an hour ago after realizing I was at least a little hungry.

The light food day means I'll probably be down at least a little more weight tomorrow. I know 204.1 is already my lowest weight in about five and a half years. I've been spelunking through old LiveJournal entries to enter old weights in my Apple Health app so I have that historic info recorded somewhere easier than LJ to keep track of, and I'm back to mid 2007. I'm hoping when I find the first entry where I added my weight to the subject line, I find an explanation of why I started doing it!

Just finished watching "First Man," a decent but not that exciting movie about Neil Armstrong and family and the Apollo 11 mission. I think I'll take the dogs for a bedtime walk and go to bed early.

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