Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Watching the conventions (206.4)

Just as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my entries had skipped a jump in weight, I'll mention today that I had a recent low of 203.9 a few days ago before climbing a bit again. That's the lowest I've weighed since the spring of 2015. Heading the right direction again for the moment.

I watched most of the Democratic National Convention last week, and I'm watching most of the Republican National Convention this week. Both are full of inspiring speeches and special moments. I have to say, though, the RNC coverage hasn't moved me to tears yet.

I missed a little of tonight's C-SPAN broadcast since I was sitting out on the deck with dinner and the dogs first! Beautiful crisp evening, cooling off after a couple of muggy days. Penny happily curled up on one of the deck chairs as always, but Carter was acting restless, maybe because it was on the chilly side for him to be sitting still.

Maybe I'll have a piece of pie. I bought a clearance-rack fresh peach pie from the supermarket the other day, and since it was already approaching its sell-by date, I shouldn't let it sit around too much longer!

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