Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Restless? Dunno. (205.1)

I'm feeling both restless and lazy tonight. Don't really want to do anything. Didn't want to cook, so had some leftovers instead of whipping up one of the two remaining EveryPlate dinners. I blew through several episodes of "Lucifer" season 2 yesterday and today. I'm pretty sure I watched most if not all of that, and I'm pretty sure I didn't see much if any of season 3. Now I'll be able to watch season 3 (which was on Fox) and then move ahead to the episodes that were on Netflix.

Chocolate helped a little, but I'm still not feeling like doing much. There are certainly a few things I should be getting done. Then tomorrow I need to work. Vaguely tempted to have some whisky. Vaguely tempted to skip the unneeded alcohol.

This morning I ended up going on a sort of scavenger hunt with a friend... actually a clitoris hunt! Someone made a bunch of 3D-printed clitorises and hid them around town, then posted photos and geocoordinates so people could go find them. The coordinates didn't grab me, but a couple of the photo clues led us off in the right directions.

And this afternoon I got a visit from a friend who needed an ear and some pup cuddles. And cheesy poofs.

Penny is grumping at me, and clearly would like to go out or at least get some attention, but it's a little early for our bedtime walk! Some scritches should help!

Don't wanna do much else besides sit here. I guess I should make a fresh batch of yogurt overnight for the food pantry fridge.

I guess part of the sluggishness could be waking up a few times overnight! I felt really logey this morning when the Sleep Cycle alarm app on my phone decided it was time to wake up, and I kept hitting snooze and dozing off a little bit longer, until the snooze got down to a one-minute delay. I slept a LOT of hours the other night. Should balance out, right?

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