Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Meandering (203.4)

Woke up early this morning from a dream where I was trying to navigate a hotel to find a room. I wasn't staying there, but I convinced someone I knew at the front desk to give me a room key for some reason.
Spent a while meandering through weird twisty hallways and actually in the dream decided the hotel was obviously related to the Hunt Valley Marriott but wasn't identical, so I couldn't find the room where it "should" be.
Meantime I was carrying armfuls of stuff and trying not to drop anything. 🤔
Thanks, subconscious!

I don't think it's directly about this, but I know I've been upset that I couldn't return to Hunt Valley for this year's Shore Leave convention, which would've been my first since 2011! I was also looking forward to getting to this year's STARFLEET International Conference, which was going to be at a San Francisco Airport hotel in conjunction with BayCon 2020. Not my first International Conference since 2011... but my second, I guess. I think the only one I made it to since I was laid off was in Niagara Falls, and I could barely afford that.

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