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How many 70-something white guys can you put on a stage? (203.2)

I tried watching tonight's debate as part of a livestream with commentary hosted by Ithaca College, but after a few minutes of trying to watch their Zoom webinar on my TV via AirPlay, I gave up and switched to CBS. They had disabled Zoom chat for participants, but they were letting people pose questions in Q&A, and then the panelists were commenting in chat haphazardly. Seemed like it was going to get chaotic fast.

Now enjoying the season finale from last winter of "Ray Donovan," and drinking some whisky. There are a few TV shows I enjoy watching with a drink that fits. Back when "Cane" was on, I drank really good rum with each episode! "Treme" merited Abita beer.

Hadn't heard previously, I don't think, but just went to IMDB and discovered "Ray Donovan" was canceled right after the season ended, so I guess this is the series finale.

Two packages arrived from Amazon today. A second box of granola in less than a week, when I have a monthly Subscribe & Save set up, and was pretty sure I had skipped this month's order knowing that last month's had been delayed. And the free replacement tonic water Amazon shipped three weeks ago when the product I'd ordered a month and a half ago hadn't shown up. The original arrived three days later, and I figured the replacement would eventually.

I feel a little silly ordering cereal and soda from Amazon, but the granola I used to get at my supermarket isn't available any more, and what they do have is either not as good or way more expensive, and this is the cheapest way I've found to get top-notch tonic water. A good gin and tonic needs both good gin and good tonic, right?

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