Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Thank you for donating blood. (202.3)

Giving blood today took longer than usual! Partly because the nurse doing my vitals and such is in training, and partly because the numbers she was getting were wonky.

My blood pressure is on the high side today, though not so high that they wouldn't take my blood. My pulse was also irregular! I've heard that before, and it wasn't irregular enough for them to not take my blood.

What really threw us was the 12.9mg iron level, which IS too low to give blood. I haven't had any cheeseburgers lately, but I sure haven't been starving myself!

She had her manager try again, and she realized my fingers were cold, so we warmed them up before doing another poke. 15.4 that time. That's more like it!

I decided I needed to give blood (I've been eligible since late August) because molecular biologist Jeff McKnight, who learned late last week he had about a week to live at the end of his journey with cancer, made a point of thanking people who donate blood. I wanted to tell him I had given blood in his honor. Jeff died Sunday night, so it was in his memory instead.

In Jeff's words, "Thank you to all who donate blood. Sincerely."

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