Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lazy Boxing Day (203.6)

I didn't take any pictures for Instagram, but I just enjoyed a warmed-up Zingerman's cinnamon roll and a Byrne Dairy eggnog latte with whisky in it while watching "Wonder Woman: 1984." Good way to celebrate the Boxing Day holiday.

Someone sent my friend Shelley a huge frisbee-sized ring of cinnamon rolls, and she gave me a hunk of it before I left dinner at her place the other night. I decided Christmas Eve needed some seafood, so I made seafood lasagna and offered to bring it over. Shelley's among the handful of people I've hung out with in person this year, and she's one of the small crew from Thanksgiving dinner at Leslie's last month and then Christmas dinner at Leslie's last night.

Christmas isn't my holiday, so unlike some friends, I didn't miss the opportunity to travel to see family so much as I missed our own annual tradition of movies and hibachi on Christmas. We would absolutely have seen WW84 on the big screen last night.

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