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What's next? (200.4)

As usual, the week or so of vacation from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day flew by. Work starts tomorrow! But in the meantime I've blown through a lot of "The West Wing." I haven't done the math, but I'm tempted to spread out the rest of the series (I'm now in the middle of the fifth of seven seasons) so I can watch the very end just before President-elect Biden's inauguration on the 20th.

For a chunk of December, I was trying to watch as much as possible before the show left Netflix on December 24th, but then I realized it was moving to HBO Max... and I have access to that. I just picked up where I left off on Christmas weekend.

There are other things I could or maybe even should have watched, but I've really enjoyed revisiting this classic show. There are a handful of episodes I've watched many, many times, but I'm realizing that there's an enormous amount of the series that I almost certainly haven't seen since it first aired. It might be partly because I only ever had the first three seasons on DVD.

This past week I spent two days in a row below 199 pounds for the first time. 198.8 and 198.9. I'm back over 200 today, but that's OK. The trend is heading in the right direction.

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