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Our beach house

This is the house we're renting; I took the photo from the dune that separates us from the beach.

The house is up on stilts, high enough that there's room for two cars underneath. The "first" floor above that is bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Each of the four of us has a room; the ladies have the queen bed bedrooms facing the beach, I have one with two twin beds, and Brian has one with bunk beds.

Upstairs is a single large room, with a decent size and well-equipped kitchen, a living area with a curved sectional couch and a TV, a dining area with six chairs around a nice table, and another table and chairs set for games. There's also a half bath up here.

Much like Beeeej's house, there are two decks, on each of the upper two levels, but unlike his house, we have a fantastic view of the beach!

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