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Long day! (201.2)

Today started early -- actually, it started when I woke up around 5:30, but after reading a bit on the iPad, I fell back to sleep again for a bit. But I got up a bit earlier than usual since I'd offered to drive a friend to his vaccination appointment, and needed to pick him up about 20 minutes before. Of course, first had to walk the dogs, which takes longer with Mavis around.

When the Sleep Cycle app on my iPhone went off, I picked up the phone and tapped the corner of the screen to wake it up, and the phone crashed! It brought up the spinny thing, and restarting it after a while didn't help a bit.

I ended up spending most of the day with a non-functioning phone, which I finally wiped and restored from a (way too embarrassingly old) backup. It's still not walking to my Watch. Went over to BJ's for a couple of things, gas included, while John was in the mall for his vaccination, then popped into the mall myself to visit the cafe. Got to see a friend I hadn't seen in a while (true of most friends right now, of course) and got a ridiculous raspberry cheesecake latte.

One good reason to stick to the earlier wakeup time is to follow Dr. James Maas's advice to minimize the stress of Daylight Saving Time by spreading the "spring forward" hour out over several days. If I get up 10 or 15 minutes earlier each day through the weekend, the jump on Sunday will be easy.

Just re-watched the first episode of "Outlander." I fell way behind, and I figured rather than try to figure out where to pick up, I should just start over.

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