Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Fully vaccinated! (201.5)

I didn't really mark the occasion, but I've now been officially "fully vaccinated" for over a week. Over two weeks, by some measures. Officially you're considered "fully vaccinated" two weeks following your final dose of vaccine, but apparently that's for Moderna. For Pfizer, you really only need one week, but the proverbial "they" decided that rather than confuse the message, and make people wonder if they had to wait one week or two, they'd just tell everyone two weeks.

I'm celebrating by visiting my family this weekend! It'll be the first time I've seen any of them in person, as opposed to on Zoom, since my mom's birthday last January. This time it's my dad's birthday on Monday, and we're having a little gathering on Sunday to celebrate. Lots of hugs! And maybe still masks when we're near each other. We'll see.

I'm not worried for myself -- it's not hard to figure out from my social media, though I don't really talk about it outwardly all that much, that I've been eating indoors with other people a couple of yards away just about weekly for the whole time. My parents are both around 80, though, and each already has health issues, and while I'll gladly deliver hugs, I also want to be careful what else I deliver.

A friend is taking care of the dogs while I'm away, and hopefully she'll be careful with Mavis, who really shouldn't be out of her crate when either of the other dogs isn't secured. I've done my best to make it clear.

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