Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Our neighbor, the potato (205)

Penny and Carter and Apollo the yellow lab puppy neighbor all sat and stared at each other for a few minutes while Apollo's person and I chatted this morning! He was a teeny potato when we first saw him, and he's now a beautiful little man!

He's nervous about meeting dogs, so he didn't want to come any closer, and as they headed back to their door, Carter started jumping, which won't make it any easier! He calmed down quickly, at least.

We'll let them see each other from a distance a few more times until they become familiar faces, and maybe let them sniff each other eventually. Carter is no longer quite as anxious around Ernie, another neighbor we've known since he was a puppy. He always looks to see if Ernie's in the yard, which he often is -- I think they have a doggie door! But he doesn't seem anxious about it except when Ernie has another dog visiting.
Tags: carter, dogs, puppies

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