Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lots of driving this weekend (203.8)

I think today was just the second time I randomly got a Lyft or Uber passenger I know! First time was one of my first few rides. This one was a local casual friend who I wouldn't swear I've met in person before.

Lots of happy celebrating people to drive around this weekend, including graduating students and their friends and families. One graduate's dad enjoyed reminiscing about watering holes of the early '80s, some of which were still around when I got here.

Couple of random nice people, too. Last night's late-night rides after I got back from the amazing Sophistafunk show in Syracuse were mostly pretty repetitive, looping between Collegetown and a couple of fraternities. Last one was dropping off some recent alums, back for friends' graduation, waaaaay out in Danby at their AirBnB. There were a few people staying at pretty random places I was picking them up or dropping them off at. A lot of last-minute scrambling, since Cornell had announced so recently that guests would be allowed at Commencement this weekend.

Even got to listen to some of one of the five separate ceremonies this weekend, thanks to one of the passenger groups, who were watching the video on their phone when they got in. The ceremonies were all pretty abbreviated this weekend, which I'm sure was especially welcome due to the chilly, rainy weather. Far better than nothing!

That last trip to Danby last night got me home at 2:45am, so I ended up sleeping pretty late this morning! Glad I did that batch last night, though, since it left me with just eight trips to do today if I wanted to hit Uber's "quest" target of 20 for the long weekend to get an $80 bonus. Wasn't hard to do those eight this afternoon. Score! Between all the Uber driving and the $80 bonus, I've got $308.72 coming. Another $30.79 from two rides with Lyft. That'll come in very handy this week.

Not that surprising, I guess, that a few of the groups of students weren't wearing masks. One group was really friendly and apologetic about it. I'm fully vaccinated, they said they were and almost certainly were telling the truth, and there's negligible remaining risk there. Ridesharing and public transit are two of the handful of scenarios where fully vaccinated people still have to wear masks, and the apps remind you of this regularly, but it didn't seem worth flagging them for it. If I were personally worried about my safety, I know I could decline the trip without a ding on my acceptance rate.

Unlike last week, more than just one passenger tipped this week. Several tips of $2-5. Just a couple of the groups of students, but almost everyone else, including the Friday afternoon Lyft passenger who had me pick him up, stop at the gas station to buy some stuff, drive to a friend's place in another town to drop stuff off, and then drive him back home, and this afternoon's friendly one who takes Uber to and from Kinney Drugs, hoping each leg will be closer to $10 than to $30. It didn't occur to me until I'd dropped off the latter, but both of them could probably save money by trying Instacart!

There were two Uber quest options, $80 for that twenty rides or $115 for thirty. After I hit the twenty, it teased me with the $115 bonus for ten more, but tapping for details confirmed my guess that that was $115 total, i.e. another $35, not another $115. Decided not to bother. Need some relaxation with the pups, too.

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