Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Keep it down! I'm tryna work here! (206.4)

One factor I hadn't thought about in the calculus of returning to working on campus is the distractions from not being the only person around when I'm trying to work. A coworker in the next cubicle just spent most of the last hour loudly participating in a Zoom meeting at his desk. At least he had his AirPods in, so I didn't have to listen to all of the participants chattering away, but hearing him talking a few feet from my head was really distracting.

I've been in some online meetings since returning to the office, but I've been trying to find an available conference room or other spot away from my desk where I can participate without affecting everyone around me. In fact, it just occurred to me to try to grab the nearby conference room for today's 2pm conference committee meeting.

Walking between A Lot and the office hasn't been too bad, but I've also lucked out on the weather. I've been able to avoid leaving while it's pouring. The six-minute walk is fine when the weather is nice, but when it's really hot and muggy, or when it's raining or icy, it's going to be unpleasant.

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