Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Just added an LJ feed for James Fell's column (207.0)

If you like history and swearing, you should be following James Fell on Facebook or Twitter, but he also has a Substack where all of his daily "Today in history, shit went down!" articles go. Some days, the whole history article is in a Facebook post, but more and more, to drive traffic to his site, he's been posting a couple of intro paragraphs as a teaser and then linking over to the (free!) post elsewhere.

This past week, he's announced a couple of times that he's going to be taking the first two weeks of August off from social media to give himself a rest. His posts get a LOT of comments, and it's gotta be exhausting and nearly a full-time job in and of itself just to deal with and respond to comments. The daily history posts are continuing -- we just won't see them on Facebook or Twitter. The site is also set to only allow comments from paying subscribers for this two weeks. Fair enough.

Since I know I'm not going to remember to go looking for the Substack posts each day without seeing his Facebook posts, I just dusted off an old favorite feature of LiveJournal that lets you syndicate anything with an RSS feed! Any LiveJournal user can subscribe to such a feed, and any permanent user (I think it used to be any paid user) can create a new feed.

If you want to check out the sweary history posts, feel free to add james_fell to your friends list. It's not "really" a LiveJournal account, so commenting on those posts won't be seen by anyone off LiveJournal (least of all James), but this way we get to read the posts as they come up.

I've also got 14850today Ithaca news fed that way and should probably create a similar RSS feed to replace the dormant 14850_dining community.

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