Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Shortest Uber trips ever? (205.9)

Yesterday's two quick Uber rides were as short as I can possibly imagine.

The first, after I had a bagel with kingpin248, was a very small woman in Collegetown (the 90% student-occupied neighborhood next to campus) who had a very heavy box to take around the corner from the middle of the block on Dryden Road to a block and a half down College Avenue. It was heavy enough (20kg) that she stalled partway up the sidewalk to my car and asked for my help. So, I went and picked up the box and put it in the car. We drove around the corner, and I told her I would carry it to the door for her. It was down a path along the side to the basement apartment of one of the handful of remaining old houses on that stretch. Would have carried it inside if she hadn't reached out to take it from me. That trip netted me $9.74 thanks to $5.56 of surge pricing and a $2 minimum fare supplement on top of what would otherwise have been a $2.18 fare. (No, $4.18 isn't much better.) It cost her $18.95.

The second was after I got back to town from an ill-fated trip to Shepherdess Cellars (they didn't have the wine Mark had literally just told me over the phone that he had before I drove up there). I picked up a shopper with a cart full of groceries and took her across the street to the Super 8 Motel. Genuinely across the street. Now, OK, she'd have had to walk the depth of the supermarket before she could've crossed the street, but I'm thinking most people would've walked the full shopping cart over to the motel, unloaded it, and brought the cart back. Or, y'know, not bothered. She paid $10.22 for her trip, of which I got $4.47. Helped her unload, of course! That wouldn't have been too bad a fare for that really short trip that was barely out of my way when I got back into town, but as I headed back towards home to walk the dogs, I got a phone call! She thought she'd left her sushi in my car. Yup! In a paper bag in the back of the trunk. Everything had been in the fancy reusable grocery bags we brought into the lobby of the Super 8, or so we thought. So, I drove back to give her her sushi! Very glad she realized it was missing and was able to get in touch via Uber's "lost item" feature -- that woulda stunk when I got in the car this morning.

I'd had movie plans last night, but Alan turned out not to be able to make it, so we'll do "Free Guy" another time. I don't remember for sure what the trigger was, but I ended up needing to watch "Avengers: Endgame," so I did. Tonight I've done a couple more episodes of "Mare of Easttown." I had watched the first episode a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't really grab me. After last night's Emmys, though, I said "fiiiiine." Might as well give it another try. It's definitely growing on me.
Tags: mcu, movie night, uber

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