Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Traveling to a conference, in my basement (206.8)

I've gained two and a half pounds since Saturday, which isn't too bad, but I'm just gonna blame the conference I attended the last two days. I always gain weight at the HighEdWeb conference, though that's usually because it's several days of travel and eating a LOT. And drinking a lot. Beer is, for sure, one of the key factors in my weight loss over the last year and a half, as I've been drinking so much less of it. I actually didn't have much to drink the last couple of days -- nothing, until last night's sushi excursion -- so I'll blame eating well.

Last fall, for the first remote HighEdWeb conference, I made a point of cooking some of the foods I'd have been eating if we were actually in Little Rock, as we were supposed to be. This year, we'd have been in Buffalo, but I didn't actually bother making Buffalo specialties. Did make a point of getting bacon and eggs for a decent breakfast (bacon is a big part of the HighEdWeb breakfast scene), and used the bread maker timer mode for the first time to set up a batch late Sunday night to turn into a warm loaf of bread by 9am Monday. It came out great!

Hadn't really gotten around to planning Monday's lunch, so I took advantage of a 75% off Uber Eats offer and ordered some Oishii Bowl delivered. Decent Asian eatery with ramen, udon, and rice bowls. I went with the Katsu Don, fried pork cutlet over rice, and some fried shrimp with dipping sauce. Also got a Thai iced tea and sticky rice for dessert. Ate half of the shrimp appetizer and half of the katsu, and the rest remains for another meal. Of course, a 75% off Uber Eats meal is still expensive as hell! Not least because there's a $20 maximum discount, so once you've ordered a couple of items, you're no longer really getting 75% off. Add fees and taxes, and of course a decent tip based on the original amounts, not the discounted amounts, and lunch was still well north of $20.

Monday night there were a couple of new things I wanted to try in order to write a review of the Ithaca Ghost Kitchen, so I ordered from them and zipped down the hill to pick up. Yes, they get a decent tip, too. Goat cheese and strawberry preserves bacon cheeseburger slider (as good as it sounds) and a salad, and a slice of key lime pie. The rest went in the fridge.

The Ghost Kitchen strawberry bruschetta panini (!) became breakfast yesterday before the second day of the conference kicked off, with the rest of the bacon I'd cooked Monday morning, and I had about a third of the enormous chicken parm over fettuccine for lunch. The rest of that came to work with me today, and I just polished it off.

Might write more about the conference itself later, but it was both exhausting and energizing, as it always is -- even though I didn't have to walk 20,000 steps around a city and conference center. Facebook memories reminded me this morning that the trip four of us took to WebDevShare was twenty years ago today That conference ultimately merged with another to become what's now HighEdWeb, so I've been attending this conference for literally 20 years. There were just some gaps along the way. I attended regional versions in 2009 and 2012, and then the full real one I went to was 2013 in Buffalo. I think I've been back all but one year since.

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