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Hard to pass up $250 (207.4)

Back in the spring, Uber had some serious incentives to get drivers back on the road. That has really petered out, and with the exception of a few "get $2 extra for giving a ride" offers a week, Uber has really been making its offers only to the most serious full-time drivers. Drive 70 times in four days to earn $260 extra? Never gonna happen, and even if I could pull it off, it's only a few bucks extra per ride. Hardly worth it.

The last couple of weeks, Lyft's been the one with the incentives that are in reach of part-time, when-I-can drivers like me. 15 rides in a week for $150 bonus last week. 20 rides in a week for $250 bonus this week. Those goals are reachable! I reached them last week and this week. The extra $400 will really come in handy as I try to catch up on a few things.

Frustratingly, the fares themselves are still way too low. Too many of the rides are $4ish, $5ish, $6ish.Thursday's $57 to take a student to the Syracuse airport, over an hour away, was only worth it because he offered me an extra $50 when I was reluctant to take the long trip. Otherwise, $57 for a three-hour round trip, not counting the actual gas expenses or the wear and tear, is too paltry. He's offered me $100 cash to pick him up Wednesday night, and that's worth it!

I also just had my first two Airbnb guests this weekend. I've been a Couchsurfing host for years (over 15 for sure), but it feels different when the guest is paying to stay here. Expectations are higher, for sure. i'll have to think about whether I want to keep doing it. I have a guest staying for a longer stretch while in town to do some physics research, and while I don't usually want a houseguest for a long stretch, it seems a lot more manageable than having multiple people checking in and out every night or two over the same stretch.

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