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In Philadelphia...

I'm at the Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel, for this weekend's STARFLEET Region 7 Conference. I spotted someone familiar-looking downstairs, but no one I really know yet. In a bit I'll probably call downstairs to the desk and see if a couple of key folks have checked in.

Since Michelle lives near Philadelphia, she invited me to follow her back from Ithaca to her folks' place (she'd left her car in Ithaca for our week in the Outer Banks) and stay there last night, so I wouldn't have to drive down in any yucky weather this morning. She IM'd me from Denise's yesterday morning to say she wanted to head down soon, so we ended up having breakfast with Denise and then heading out late morning.

Michelle hadn't actually told her parents that she'd invited me to spend the night, but they adapted quickly and were wonderful, hospitable, friendly people! Not at all surprising, after a few days getting to know Michelle. :-) Also got to meet the pugs, Puccini and Yoda, and I left their house today with enough dog hair on my clothes to make another dog. The opportunity to spend more time getting to know Michelle was also nice. She's very cool.

The half-hour jaunt to the hotel was uneventful, and I'm in a nice top-floor room with a good view of the airport complex about a mile or so off, a cloud-covered downtown 5-10 miles away I'd guess, and a small lake right next to the hotel.

Time to get some ice for the cooler so the beverages will be cold! I know Doc doesn't care if his Coke is cold or not, but some of us do...

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