Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Hurricane damage

It makes it harder to feel cheated about my vacation being cut short when I read more about the massive damage to Hatteras Island in the days after our departure. Isabel destroyed lots of houses, stores, motels, and other property, damaged or destroyed much of the main road that runs the length of the island, and even cut the island in half a little south of where we were staying... between Frisco and Hatteras Village. The only way to reach Hatteras Village is now by boat, so the folks still there are getting their supplies and info by boat. Most of the power and phones are still down.

I never met (or even spoke to) any of the folks from Midgett Realty, the company we rented the house from, but apparently some of their staff members lost their homes last week. I feel bad for them.

The good news is, no one there was killed or even seriously injured, though there were apparently some major scares among the people who stayed on the island rather than evacuating.

So, I'm back at work after being away all last week. Happily, it's quiet today. I'm catching up on my e-mail and will eventually check my voicemail.

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