Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Ginger, get the popcorn!"

A good dinner was followed by last week's and this week's episodes of "Star Trek: Enterprise" (the new official name, in case anyone didn't get that "Enterprise" was the latest installment of the "Star Trek" franchise), and then the season premiere of "The West Wing." A smaller than usual group, with a couple of people sending regrets in advance.

Right now I'm enjoying today's Bravo rerun of second-season "West Wing," and enjoying even more the delicious cool breeze coming in through the balcony screen door. Which, considering this episode featured the arrival of Ainsley Hayes, means I'm enjoying the breeze a lot.

I'm not ready for autumn, and I'm not ready to stop wearing my sandals. I don't want to put socks on; I've probably only had to wear socks and shoes a half dozen times since summer started. But cool breezes are nice.

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