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Huh. Audis ARE pretty crash-worthy.

This isn't quite how I would have preferred to find out, but getting rear-ended this afternoon has made it clear just how solid and crash-resistant my Audi is. I stopped to avoid hitting a car that was stupidly double-parked on a curve. Some of the cars in front of me got around her, but I couldn't as there was an oncoming car in the left lane.

Unfortunately, the guy behind me didn't have as good brakes, and he slammed into my car. My rear bumper has a bunch of scuffs and scratches, and there's a break a few inches long, but it's essentially intact. Nothing inside the car was damaged. I certainly felt the collision, but other than wanting to find a hot tub, I feel fine.

The '93 Subaru that hit me is in far worse shape. His front bumper was smushed, the hood is crumpled, the radiator is cracked, the lights are smashed, and the right front fender is hanging. The driver was very relaxed and friendly about everything; sadly, the cop who eventually showed up didn't even bother talking to the stupid woman who'd been double-parked who really caused the accident, so Subaru guy's insurance is probably going to take the whole hit. (He rear-ended me, so he gets the blame.)

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