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Apple for the teacher?

There's an apple sitting on my desk, and I don't know why!

Lunch was leftovers from last night's dinner. Laura and I cooked dinner for Theresa for her birthday, which was actually a couple of weeks ago. When I talked to Theresa the other night, she said she wanted pork, since she's been trying to avoid chicken and has had a lot of beef lately. And, her mother always made something with pork and apples and sauerkraut. So I ran with it.

The crock pot contained boneless pork chops (buy one get one free at P&C a couple of weeks ago, frozen since), water, sliced apples, sauteed onions and green peppers, raisins, maple syrup, dash of bitters, and a little ketchup and mustard. I think that's it. It came out tasting wonderful! We served it over rice, with sauerkraut heated up separately, and squash that Laura baked with cinnamon and a little butter.

All in all, the crock pot was going for about 20 hours, so the pork was very tender... in fact, it basically fell apart into chunks. Obviously very juicy, and it picked up the apple and maple flavours nicely.

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