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The photo ruffian_wind shared and this morning's news story about the guy who'd been keeping a pet Bengal in his NYC apartment (until he showed up at the hospital with a bite from his "pit bull") meshed nicely with today's opportunity to finish up the latest Tom Clancy novel, The Teeth of the Tiger.

Dropped Kim off at the airport for her flight out, which left Ithaca ten minutes early (they were talking about that as she went through security) and arrived in Philly 20 minutes early. She's still got almost an hour before her second flight, listed as on time with the incoming plane already arrived.

Spent some time outside, as I like to do on Yom Kippur. The weather is beautiful, but it was a bit chilly to sit for too long. Wound up finishing the book lying on the living room couch, with the sunny outdoors just beyond the balcony glass doors. (Also took a moment to schedule a physical for later this week.) The book doesn't actually end with a "To Be Continued," as cliffhanger TV shows do, but the story is clearly not over. Wonder when the next book hits the shelves!

An excellent weekend; more on that later.

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