Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Happy pills...

Had an abbreviated physical this morning; most of the point of the visit was to have my car accident injuries checked out, anyway. The doctor said there's no obvious real damage, but the stiffness and soreness is neither surprising nor unusual after being rear-ended. He ordered an X-ray series just in case. I don't think I've ever seen a cervical spine series of myself before!

He asked what's made the pain and stiffness feel better so far, and I told him Advil, stretching, and the Mogils' hot tub... so he said I should continue doing all of those! He also said the back exercises I've been doing are good; that habit may have even prevented a worse injury. But he felt some physical therapy would also be good, so h prescribed that... and some muscle relaxant called orphenadrine (aka Norflex). That might help especially with soreness in bed.

Ran into jenduerr at Guthrie; was wondering whether I would, and she was in fact right up front when I got there, behind one of the closed windows.

Went to the drugstore on the way from Guthrie to work, and since the pharmacist said the prescriptions would just take about 15 minutes to fill, I went and had a baguette breakfast sandwich at Hope's Way while I waited. Mmmm.

So now I have a bunch of little white pills (they owe me one, since they were low on stock) and a fresh albuterol inhaler, to boot. Awaiting analysis of the x-rays (probably won't show anything exciting) and my blood work.

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