Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Would you like me to bring your car around, sir? Anything.. anything at all. Mocha? Latte? Decaf?"

Happy to have a mostly quiet weekend ahead. I think the farthest I have to drive to get anywhere this weekend is about five miles, which is a nice change of pace!

Unfulfilled pancake craving; I just made some cheesy scrambled eggs with the last two eggs from my last collection at the Mogils'. I've already made some progress this morning on living room tidying, and plan to do a bunch more this weekend.

For now, I'm watching the season premiere of "Angel." First episode I've seen. Since Angel left "Buffy" before I started watching that, I never really had the need to start watching the spin-off. I figure I'll give it a shot with the first two episodes of the season, both of which are on my TiVo, and then decide whether I want to watch more.

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