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How REAL hockey fans behave...

I've been appalled to read this week about U.S. fans drowning out the Canadian national anthem with boos in New York and Detroit, and fans booing the American national anthem in Montreal.That's not how real hockey fans act. real hockey fans, by which I mean the Lynah Faithful, a.k.a. Cornell Big Red men's ice hockey fans, sing along to the Canadian national anthem at Lynah Rink here in Ithaca, and at other rinks when it's played.For those rinks at which the Canadian national anthem is, inexplicably, not played, the Travelling Lynah Faithful carry along our own large Canadian flag, hang it in the arena if there's not already one there, and stand and sing "O Canada" in the stands once "The Star Spangled Banner" has concluded... even if play has begun, and even if ushers want us to sit down. I'm proud of my friends and fellow fans who've taken it upon themselves to maintain this tradition.That's how real hockey fans act, and on behalf of all such fans, may I apologize for the gross misbehaviour of those setting a bad example on both sides of the border.

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