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The move's on again

Learned this morning that the moves within our building that have been bandied about for several months are most likely going to happen this fall. The push comes from the newish (no longer new) director of one of the divisions of CIT who, not unreasonably, wants to consolidate his group all on one floor of this building.

One of the hold-ups has been that the apparent cost of shuffling dozens of people around, preparing space according to people's needs, was starting to look astronomical, and our VP laid down the law, saying it had to be done without all the expensive renovations.

Considering the space I'm in was expensively renovated for us to move into a year and a half ago, we were leery of being moved to other space that might be in crappy shape, but it's beginning to look as though four of us will get to stay where we are instead of moving upstairs. That works for me; the space I'm in is far from perfect, but since my cube is open to the one next to me (by our mutual request), it feels much more spacious than any other cube of the same size. I don't want to give that up. Daylight would be nice... but given the choice of a view of the roof and HVAC equipment or keeping the space I'm in, I'll stay put. (I'll have to hope I get a new neighbour who's not a pain to deal with; the one I have now will probably move upstairs.)

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