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Dealing with Bill Cooke's body shop (I know, I should've listened and taken the car elsewhere) was a real pain in the ass on Friday, but once I finally got my car (almost a day late, over two hours after I wanted to leave town) the drive to Brampton was pretty uneventful, but I wasn't in a particularly good mood.

My mood lifted immeasurably when I spotted a Mighty Taco off the 190 shortly before I got to the Lewiston bridge over to Canada. :-) I had a Super Mighty combo with loganberry soda and got back on the road in much better spirits.

The 407 ETR (express toll road) in Ontario is kinda funky. There are no toll booths. You drive past these big overhead camera assemblies that take pictures of your license plate, and they mail you a bill for the toll. (Signs say that vehicles over 5 tons must have a transponder, presumably similar to New York's EZ-Pass tags.) Apparently, they don't bother billing anyone who lives outside the province, so I got to use the toll road for free, unless they read the EZ-Pass transponders. All the roads were in fantastic shape, despite being in the same general snow belt area as New York, whose roads are mostly crap starting about a week after they finish paving them.

More on the weekend later.

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