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Well, yeah, that'll be satisfactory...

The saga (dating back to December) of my perpetually unrepaired laptop may be coming to an end. When I unpacked the PowerBook from its shipping box on Monday (after getting back from Tennessee) and it was, again, worse than when I sent it in, I gave my contact at Apple three choices...

  • Give me a loaner while you try again, and don't send it back until it's really fixed
  • Replace the laptop with a new machine
  • Give me back all the money I spent on it and I'll go buy something else

Well, as of this morning, it's official. They have offered to send me a new 667 MHz PowerBook -- the lower-end of two models introduced this Monday, and substantially better than my first-generation G4 PowerBook -- to replace it. Did I want to proceed?

I replied that I would be crazy to say anything but "Yes, thank you."

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