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The pepper steak experiment

I don't remember what prompted the urge, but I really wanted to try cooking the pepper steak recipe I remember my mother making a number of times when I was growing up. I e-mailed her while my parents were in Italy, figuring she'd reply when she got back. She actually replied from a hotel that loans laptops with a wireless net connection to guests!

Her reply said I should cut skirt steak into cubes, cook chopped onions and green peppers until soft, then add the meat, brown it, and then let cook for a while, stirring occasionally.

This surprised me; I figured the recipe would have to be more complex than that! I e-mailed back, and she said no, that was it, unless I wanted to add salt and pepper. She served it over rice, and I remembered it being awfully tasty!

Well, early this week I asked Denise if she wanted to be a guinea pig, and stopped at the store to get some skirt steak. (She had onions and green peppers.) The guy at the meat counter said he knew what skirt steak was, but they hadn't been able to get it in ages! Sirloin was on sale at a good price, so I used that.

The result (served over rice, with steamed asparagus) had a definite sirloin flavour, and I should have cooked it longer and slower, to get the meat softer. It cut and chewed like steak. I let the leftovers simmer for a couple hours longer, which definitely softened up the meat. Brought the leftovers to Reggie and BJ, so they could have one hot dinner they didn't have to worry about cooking! (Ken, the real cook in the family, is recovering from surgery and very limited on what he can eat.)

I'll definitely have to try this again, cooking the steak longer and slower, maybe in the crock pot.

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