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Rainy Monday

Definitely feels like a laze-around-on-the-couch kind of day. At least someone has been lazing around on my couch, catching up on TV from my TiVo, even if I haven't!

A reallllllly slow day at work; some folks aren't here, some are here but are coughing. I don't want it. I don't want it. Take it home and keep it!

My morning was pretty slow, too, but that's normal on a Monday morning after a live BFG. Last night's show was amazing, and very energizing. Full Frontal Folk even has a beautifully harmonized song about beer! Since they talked about bringing home cases of regional beer from their Massachusetts gig, I offered them some of the Molson Brador I got from Canada, which was still in my trunk. They were delighted to have something new to try!

FFF also did an awesome rendition of the traditional sea chanty "General Taylor," which I'd never understood before. ("Great Big Sea" has also recorded it.) I'm looking forward to listening to my autographed CD.

Ended up chatting online with a few folks last night before bed. I can never get home from a show and go right to bed! Just doesn't work. Between the time change and the long Sunday night, I was pretty zonked this morning. A nap would be nice. But coffee is doing well.

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