Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

OK, flu shot

One of the FFF band members, Wendy, is a Cornell English major alum, class of '91, as well as a doctor in family practice! We were chatting about a bunch of things last night, and one of the things that came up was flu shots. She's strongly recommending flu shots this year to her patients; she expects it to be a bad year.

So, I'm leaning towards getting a flu shot for the first time in years. Cornell offers them free to staff, and they're even coming to our building, so it's free and easy, but I've always declined. Maybe I shouldn't this time.

She also says the nasal spray flu vaccine is a bad idea. I'd been seeing a lot about that, as well. It's attenuated live virus, so it tends to have a much higher incidence of side effects that bear a striking resemblance to the flu you were hoping to avoid.

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