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Nearly ten hours of sleep helped me catch up from a little less than usual all week. Hit the hay around 1, after getting home from another of keeyoo's beer-n-burn shindigs, a nice small and quiet one. Woke up a couple of times this morning, but decided that 10:50 was a good time to get out of bed. After all, I do need to get moving today!

Yesterday's weather was gorgeous, and the evening, around 70 and mostly clear, just didn't feel like a hockey night! Maybe that's why the game was pretty lackluster, and I'm sure the crappy ice had something to do with it, too. It was a 5-5 tie; I'll miss the rematch tonight, but Sara and Eric are using my tickets.

The weather did allow for some fun Halloween costumes, which otherwise might have been covered up by coats. I asked Supergirl if I could take a picture, and told her about Jessica's rendition. She liked the sound of the yellow portion of the "S" emblem being cut away; her friend said it sounded "slutty." :-) Turns out the costume was a size medium pair of boy's Superman pajamas. She kind of wished they'd had boy's large, but I commented that the rest of us didn't mind the medium!

Other than a couple of drizzles, the evening was perfect for sitting outside. seity1 and I headed up after the game, joining zercool and ruffian_wind and Ann Marie. Met the baby chicks! Went in to say hi to the snake. Watched a pumpkin burn.

Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher a few minutes ago, now munching on leftovers for lunch, and soon I'll get myself ready to head down to sajego's Grampa's 90th birthday party! Didn't want to count on being back in Ithaca in time for the game, so I found someone who'd use my tickets. Looking forward to seeing Sara; while I talk to her almost daily online, it's not the same! I don't think I've seen her since Memorial Day.

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