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Not my cup of... ooh, tea!

Tonight's Bound for Glory performer, Brian Peters (appearing with Jeff Davis), is really not playing my style of music, though he has a fantastic voice. He's playing mostly British, mostly traditional, folk music. I'd toss a couple of pound coins in his tin at a pub, but I'm insufficiently impressed to be pleased I'm here for the night. I'm manning the Friends of BFG table, though, so at least my presence is productive, even if it means I can't leave! He does have some neat songs, and he's definitely impressing some of the others here. Tastes vary.

However, I did bring a fresh supply of caffeine-free tea for the kiosk to sell at the show. Perhaps I'll seek a cup of it during the next set break.

Decent, uneventful day today, starting with brunch with beeeej for his birthday (tomorrow), along with Josh (fellow KDR alum, fellow hockey-goer, and Jeff's fellow Cardozo law student), acapellasinger, kinnerc, ruffian_wind, and even Mayor Cohen... who stopped by long enough for a cup of tea. (Ooh, there's that tea again.)

Got the last two bottles of Standing Stone's Riesling Ice at the winery; it's now gone for the season. Mmm. But I'll share...

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