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A long night ends

Election night actually went surprisingly well at WVBR tonight. Our annual coverage is sometimes good, sometimes slipshod, and occasionally great. It wasn't great tonight, but it was quite good considering the department is made up mostly of neophytes who know little about local politics -- or even reporting.

There's certainly room for improvement and polish, but we mostly sounded OK on the air, had lots of people in the field, and put some useful information online.

I love how the three articles we posted tonight leapt straight to the top of a Google News search for Ithaca. Nearly anything we publish leaps towards the top of the search results. Google loves us. :-)

brannanjp and I went to the annual election day pancake breakfast for dinner. It's a who's-who of local business and politics, always a fun scene, and of course good pancakes.

I spent a chunk of the afternoon providing a massage to a friend who drove back from Maryland yesterday and begged for one. So my arms and hands are exhausted from all the massaging and typing, but it was all worth it.

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