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New clock radio!

About a week ago, my bedside clock radio stopped waking me up. I poked at it a few times trying to figure out what its deal was, but never managed. Radio worked fine when set to "on" or when "sleep" button was pushed. Clock was working. Switch was set in the right position. But it was incapable of spontaneously playing the radio at me at a preset time -- which, you know, made it kind of unqualified to continue calling itself a clock radio, in my book.

There were no disasters; I've long had another alarm clock set to beep at me a little while after the radio was set, so that's been waking me. But it took away the extra layer of security!

Yesterday I stopped at Radio Shack (the new store next to Gallager's, on the corner of Fulton and Meadow Streets, a reincarnation of the Triphammer Mall location) to get a new pocket radio since I haven't been able to find mine, and I needed one for election night. They also had several clock radios, including one marked "Clearance - $24.97."

It's an RCA with digital tuning, the ability to let me fall asleep on one station and wake up on another, a gradual wake that starts the radio quietly and then slowly makes it louder, and even a battery backup if I plop a 9-volt battery in. Nice, tall, green numbers.

It works!

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