Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Dining Report

This morning when I ran up to WVBR to record this week's 14850 Dining Report, I got to play with Frank's dog for a few minutes! He was arriving as I left, and let me open the car to visit with her. I can't remember her name, since I haven't seen her in a while, but I remembered what to do... provided my face for licking. :-)

This week's report is on Taste of Thai and Taste of Thai Express. ruffian_wind and I went to the latter last night (she owed me dinner) and had some good food. They were a lot less crowded than when seity1 and I tried to eat there Friday, but they still need more staff out front. Last night they were on the edge of one person being enough to serve as waitress and busboy while also answering the phone and dealing with carry-out customers who came in. Well, OK, they were over the edge. When it's actually crowded, it gets way too bogged down, as we saw Friday. A couple of tables opened up, but she had no opportunity to seat us, and if she had, we would undoubtedly have waited a long time to see her again.

Great food, though. I guess "Express" has the advantage of slightly lower prices and being easier to drive to, whereas the original on the Commons has the advantage of a real wait staff and nicer atmosphere. Free delivery from Express is nice, too.

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