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No bleedin' today!

I called the American Red Cross to see if it would be more useful for me to donate this afternoon, when the weather might be keeping people away, or in two weeks when they're always short during Thanksgiving week. She said they did have some no-shows today, but they were also short-staffed, so they were on track to meet their reduced goal. She was pretty sure I'd be more useful in two weeks.

This worked out well, as I've been having trouble mustering the motivation to move much this afternoon! I need to be in this corner of town tonight anyway, to DJ from 7-10, and combining that with the wintry, windy weather, zipping downtown sounded less fun than usual.

My motivation is also low today because I had an 8:30am meeting foist upon me. Now, for some of you, this is nothing odd, but since my normal workday doesn't start until 10 or 10:30, 8:30 is pretty damn early.

This is basically due to a bug in the calendaring software we're using, Oracle Calendar (formerly CorporateTime). If asked to suggest a time when a certain group of people can meet in a certain room, it works fine, comparing their work hours and existing scheduled items, and suggesting a time when everyone can come. But if the person proposing the meeting tries arbitrarily selecting a time, then clicking "Check Conflicts," the software will compare against existing scheduled items but not the work hours people have set for themselves. Frankly, that makes it pretty useless as group calendaring software. So Jim, who doesn't happen to know my work schedule (why should he?), clicked "check conflicts" and found none, so went ahead with that time.

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