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Great banquet!

The WVBR banquet tonight was a big success! I wish there'd been more than 30 people there; it felt as though some folks should or could have made it, but didn't. And yet, I think those of us who were there had a splendid time.

Two years ago, we were on the M.V. Manhattan dinner cruise on the lake, and we'd just that day been told by the City to evacuate our building, which they deemed "unsafe."

One year ago, the banquet was at Coyote Loco. They do good food; they do not do good group events.

Tonight, we're a week past the final sale of the building (see paragraph two, above), and had something to celebrate! Small group or not, we had a great meal at Bistro Q, had plenty of drinks, left an obscene tip, and went off to the staff after-party at Jon Meer's place. Katie and Michael, our waitpeople, seemed very pleased with us! Katie, at least, did a great job; Michael has never impressed me, but seemed to do OK tonight.

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