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Happy birthday, pkdan!

Today is actually Dan's birthday, but he shared the celebration with a bunch of us last night at dinner. Unfortunately queenmabwords and anabellea didn't make it, since Marie wasn't feeling well. but I was glad to hear she was feeling better later last night. I did get to see a bunch of interesting folks, though, several of whom I see from time to time but don't really know.

One person who came in most of the way through dinner but hung out to chat is someone I don't know all that well, but have gained some new respect for. He seems to have found something to do that appeals to him and challenges him; he just finished basic training and some follow-up military training program, and while he jokes that winter is the worst possible time to be posted to Alaska, he's clearly looking forward to it. Good for him. He certainly looked far healthier last night, not to mention more animated, than I ever remember seeing him before. Sometimes it's just a matter of finding your niche.

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