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Museum of the Earth

That's Cecil...

He's a Coelophysis, and the mascot of PRI's Museum of the Earth, where USS Accord spent a couple of hours this afternoon.

One of the neat exhibits was a trio of Coelophysis models (roughly life-size), made in 1960, the mid '70s, and the mid '80s... showing the change in ideas over the last several decades about how dinosaurs looked, and how they lived. These days, paleontologists don't think dinosaurs were slow and bulky, dragging heavy tails near the ground; they have a sleeker, slimmer, more active view, thanks in large part to the relatively recent thought that modern birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs.

It was a bit frustrating that several exhibit areas were closed off, and the video displays in the open areas were almost all not working "yet," even though the museum has been open for a couple of months. Marlo's right that they should have a sign at the entrance warning visitors that they're paying to see only part of the complete museum, but I think at the very least they need little cards by the video displays making it clear that the "push to start" buttons don't do anything no matter how hard, or how many times, you push.

But overall, our "Meal and a Mission," starting with brunch at Ithaca Bakery, was a nice success. Even got to reconnect with a few random people down there, including, ironically, a counter staffer I first met at the STARFLEET International Conference in New Jersey in 1997. Now that I know where to find Nick, I'll have to get in touch again soon and suggest we go for a beer or something.

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