Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Three deaths

So far, Monday has brought word of three deaths. The first was of a friend's cat, who had to be put to sleep last night. The second was of a man named Dino, the "Mayor of Collegetown," who died of a heart attack Friday at the age of 71. And the third was 35-year-old actress Kellie Waymire.

I'm only hearing about Waymire's death because she appeared on a few episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. Otherwise, her death, while sad, would probably not have made the news. No word on why this apparently healthy 35-year-old died.

Dino isn't someone I ever knew well, but he always had a friendly word for me, as he did for everyone else. He was mostly a squatter, living in Collegetown (a mostly student-filled residential and business area near Cornell) for decades, spending the vast majority of his time outside, generally in shorts and a filthy t-shirt, zipping around on a moped. It seemed that he did odd jobs for several eateries, whether in exchange for food or for a little pay I don't know. But everyone certainly knew him.

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