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Good dinner

Alan and I go out for sushi once in a while (too long a while, most of the time) and take turns paying. He saw me a couple weeks ago and announced it was my turn, so we went to Kayuga tonight. Not atypically, he was almost 40 minutes late; he had a ribbon-cutting no one had told him about until this afternoon. Luckily, I thought ahead and brought my laptop with me, and got some stuff done.

I haven't been to Kayuga in quite a while, partly because Kyushu is so good and so convenient to home.

But I'm glad we went early tonight; they have a (relatively) new "early evening" menu, with really good deals, including a rotating combo dinner. Tonight's was miso soup, a couple pieces of sushi and a California roll, and grilled salmon with steamed broccoli, a couple pieces of tofu tempura, and a bowl of brown rice... all for $9.95.

Alan ordered lots of different kinds of sushi, and I helped him with it. The chef sent over a couple of pieces of very fresh toro (fatty tuna), on the house, while we were in the middle of eating.

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