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Power adapter redux

Considering this is the second time I've needed to replace my PowerBook's power adapter since I got it in February, I think it'll be worth getting AppleCare to extend my one-year warranty to three years... just in terms of savings on future power adapter replacements. :-\

I've been putting off calling Apple to deal with it, but my power adapter has been really flaky... making crackling sounds when it's plugged in, and only providing power to the laptop if you fiddle with it.

I got a service rep named Mark when I called, which was a good sign. He told me since I'm out of the 90 day free phone support time, but not out of the one-year hardware warranty, he'd have to sign me up for a $49 phone support incident to troubleshoot my problem, but that wouldn't actually be charged if he decided it was a hardware case. I said "Oh, that's OK, I've already diagnosed the problem." He decided to take my word for it and went ahead to set up the replacement to be shipped to me. He did need a credit card number to charge if I don't return the defective part, but that's reasonable. Tomorrow or Friday (or at latest, Monday) I'll get a box at work with a replacement adapter inside, and a return shipping label to send the old one back at Apple's expense. Seamless.

As for the $49 phone support fee, I suppose it helps to deal with the huge number of calls they must get from clueless users who think they have a hardware problem when they clearly don't. I did tech support for a dealer back in the days when computers were sold with margins that covered such expenses; they really don't any more.

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