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What a gorgeous day!

Clear blue sky, sunny and 60s. I love how Ithaca's weather can be so unpredictable!

Sara and I just got back from a walk around the area, taking advantage of the weather. My thin long-sleeve shirt over a t-shirt was probably even a little too much.

There's a reality distortion field around Ithaca's weather; everyone whines about the never-ending grey skies and gloom, and entirely forget about how much great weather we get. Sara commented that today was after three weeks of lousy weather, but it's just not so. We had a couple of nice days earlier this week -- just not quite this nice.

Before our walk, Sara treated me to brunch. She wanted to go to Dempsey's, but they weren't open for brunch today, so since we were in the neighbourhood, we bopped up to Rogues Harbor. I'd never been there for brunch, and was pleasantly surprised. Very inexpensive, and lots of good food. I had honey walnut french toast made with multi-grain bread, which came with home fries and either a dinner salad (which I opted for, with cranberry-apple dressing) or a fruit salad. She had a mushroom and three cheese omelet. (We each traded about a third.)

More hockey tonight. zercool and ruffian_wind came last night; Laura and a few Mogils are coming tonight.

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