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Capitol views...

My cousin Tyler decided he wanted to host the extended family Thanksgiving dinner this year, so we all converged on Arlington today (minus Tyler's parents, since Uncle Steve was sick). I was wondering how close we'd be to DC, and was glad that my parents wanted to plan on going into the city to do some sightseeing tomorrow.

Well, Tyler's farther away, but our hotel room is right across the river with a great view of the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial! I plugged in my iSight to give a few folks a glimpse via Yahoo IM's webcam feature, and also snapped a few shots with my digital camera. We'll see how those come out.

Dinner was excellent, and it was nice to meet Tyler's fiancee (they're getting married January 3rd) and some of her family. None of the six kids was too much of a pain today!

Woo! New Monk season starts January 16th!

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