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The light snow dusting the cars and still gently falling suggests that I made the right decision driving up last night, instead of trying to avoid the rain by leaving early this morning. (I have lunch plans today.)

There was about an hour of rain leaving the DC area, with a few minutes worth of very hard rain, but most of the drive was at most a drizzle. Another downpour around Wilkes-Barre.

Joy called my cell phone at about 9:15, and except for a ten-minute break around 10, we were on the phone until 11. (I love free weekend minutes!) That definitely helped me stay awake and alert for the drive. I was starting to run out of steam after Binghamton, and got home about 1:05 (as I predicted at 10). So, about five and a quarter hours down, and almost six back, thanks to the weather.

Next time I should have more time to find and visit folks in the area!

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